Tuesday, February 7, 2012

6 ways to wear your winter hat

As a Chicagoan, I understand the importance of a good winter hat.  For obvious reasons and for fashion's sake, duh.  A good winter hat can keep your noggin warm, complete an outfit and of course, hide that hair you've been meaning to wash for the past few days.  I most certainly utilize my beanie for all of these reasons, so I was more than stoked to read this post from the folks at Refinery 29 covering multiple ways to wear one beanie.

'Ashton Kutcher'

'Dock Worker'

'Garden Gnome'

'Peter Pan'

'Single Fold'


And it's also really adorable that her lipstick almost matches her beanie. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

bittersweet colours: DIY necklace

bittersweet colours: DIY necklace  Check out her necklace.  She made it herself along with the help of her husband, how cute.. also check out her outfit and blog.

Did it on 'em

Now, I can't say that I love Nicki Minaj or that I even like her music that much.. But I do respect her drive to be a force to reckoned with and for being, well.. Nicki Minaj!  What I do love, however, is getting my nails done.  And Ms. Minaj is giving me more incentive to like her with her latest collection of O.P.I. nail polish.  Like Miss Minaj, the line is bold and bright and sure to make a statement; not to mention super spring-y which I can't help but be into considering this unseasonably warm winter Chicago has been having.  I love them all, except for the crackle.  It's just not for me.. any hoot.. I'm sure all of my favorite nail bloggers just about died when they saw these colors, too..  Enjoy!

Did it on 'em


Metallic 4 Life

Save Me

Pink Friday

Super Bass Shatter

And whether or not you like Nicki Minaj, you can't deny the utter haute-ness of this video.  This section of this year's Victoria's Secret show is my absolute favorite.. neon, lights, stripes, tutus.. so cute.  I could watch this over and over for hours.

**find the whole collection here