Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Something to think about...

The Quiet Place Project  If you haven't done this already, click on the link and do it now. It's very cute and it really made me think.  It made me think about how unimportant some of the things I think are important really are. Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

gettin' lippy

Sound advice, yo.  Wearing lipstick always makes me feel put together and well, like a lady.  I'm not really doing much today except for eating popsicles and watching consecutive episodes of Fear Factor and Drugs Inc.. Oh, and reading every blog I've become obsessed with as of late.  I figured I'd put on some lipstick just to feel somewhat normal.  I've gotten over my fear of red and purple; although i might revisit that purple (MAC Go For It) sometime in the near future. It looks like this:

My makeup conquests for this year are blue:

Ka'oir by Keyshia Dior Doll Blue Lipstick, $19

Next, is a bright pink:

M.A.C. ProLong Wear Lipcreme in Love Forever, $17

And last, orange:

Make Up Forever in Intense #30, $19
I don't know if I'll have the courage to brave the streets in these shades, but I really want to.  The farthest I usually make it when trying a daring shade is the mirror in my bathroom.  But, I'm turning over a new leaf this year and just doing whatever the fuck I want.  After all, it ain't how you look, it's how you feel.  

photo via

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cheers for the freakin' weekend

Have you seen her?  Tell me, have you seen her?!  Another one bites the dust.  I loved this phone, I truly did.  I haven't seen her since last Thursday night when I made what was supposed to be a pit stop at my job's employee appreciation party.  That stop lead to another and another and another.. with a final stop at home at 11 am the next day, sans $600 smartphone.  I still had a good time, from what I remember, so the night wasn't a total bust :)  Friday night, you'd think the loss of my precious phone would keep me home.. nope.  Met a hottie at work named 'Aristotle' (seriously) who invited my co-workers and I out for drinks.  You know I went.. and in the process was given a full bottle of Ketel One by some guy who introduced himself by saying, "I like my women like I my coffee, BLACK!" Ha ha.. what the fuck?  So Saturday night.. yess, I went out.  But, I kicked it in Wicker Park, which is what I do every Saturday night, pretty much.  None of the pretentiousness of downtown, just a bunch of people who like (actual) good music and want to keep that party going til 5 am (or later).  I enjoyed a full night of drinks and two steps with my best gal and even got an unexpected smooch session from my summer 2011 crush. (boom)  Didn't see that coming, but not mad nonetheless.  Let's hope this weekend is a mild one. I don't really know how to do that, but I'm gonna have to try.  I can't afford to lose anything else!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spring MakeUps

 I have a lot of fuckin' makeup.  I think one of the next posts I do will be an actual photo of all my make-up laid out.. (prepare to have your mind blown) I like making cute color combos, really.  And it feels ultra girly to wear makeup; people notice.  Post application, you step back and look at yourself in the mirror and it's like..boom.  I love that.  And when someone compliments me on my makeup,  well.. that's the icing on the cake.  Any hoot, one of my favorite cosmetic companies by far is NARS.  Kinda pricey, but the texture and quality of their makeup is unrivaled.  It goes on amazing, eye shadows and blushes can be interchangeable and are super intense when combined with water.  Most certainly my go-to when I want new makeup (that I don't need).   Fashion Bananas posted some really cute spring outfits this morning and it made me think of the NARS Spring 2012 collection. Mature, versatile and I don't own any other colors like these. Perfect.  here goes..

BILBAO  this most likely looks amazeballs on every skin tone. perfect nude, for any season.
DARK RITE  goes on creamy; can be used all over the lid, as a base for shadow or a liner. tres magnifique?
DIAMOND LIFE inspired by and named after Sade's 1984 debut album..  SOLD.
DOUCE FRANCE  can be used alone or all together. Perfect with heavy black eyeliner and mascara.
PARAMARIBO  so many options with this.  looks rich for work,  add water and make it even richer for a night out.

GAIETY  i can't rock with this as a blush.  i'd use it as a shadow or  liner.  i do the same with  TAJ MAHAL

MEXICAN ROSE  use this lip liner for spring-y hot pink lips.  could be used in combo with the blush above.
VALPARAISO  super sultry.. could be used for spring, fall and winter.   add messy bun and over-sized sunnies and.. GO!

I hope that by the time spring rolls around that I own most of these and that my gal Alessia at un giorno da leone has made some time for me so we can incorporate them in our upcoming style posts.  Stay tuned and until then.. stay warm.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hand Jobs

I am a lover of tattoos and tattooed men and women.  There is just something about (nicely done) artwork on the human body that is very beautiful to me.  Even at my age, I plan on and look forward to being a heavily tattooed lady.   And, if I had my way, my next boyfriend would look a lil' something like this..

found on my pinterest

What's more amazing about tattoos than their beauty is... the commitment.  Ink is permanent and could very well affect your career;  let's face it, tatts aren't always accepted in the workplace, corporate culture, etc.  Now, you could choose to tattoo your body in places that your work clothing would hide and probably not run into problems.  But, there are a couple tattoo spots you can't hide with clothing at work: face/neck/head and hands.  A neck, face or head tattoo is last of the line for me; unless I win the lottery or get lucky and marry some baller and never have to work again (fingers crossed).  And while I can't say (for now) that I would do it, hand tattoos are kinda sexy.  Again, ONLY if they are done well by a good tattoo artist.  Here are a few that I enjoy..

Shock Mansion

I'm not a fan of cats, but this hand tatt is great.  Also love the Marilyn Monroe (is it her?) and the sugar skull.  Ooh! and the flowers, of course.  Hot.

found here

I'm in love with the tattooed digitalized censor bar over the girl's eyes here.  So dope.

found here

Geishas are adorable to me, mainly because it's how my mom came up with my name :)

found here

Not a Buddhist, but I can dig their spiritual values.  And this tattoo is done very well, which counts since it's permanent!

found here

A tribute to the old school sailor tattoos.  Old school will always be new school in my book.

both found here

These 2 were done (very well) by Valerie Vargas.  Her attention to detail is insane, look at the hair and the teardrops. 

found here

Asian inspired.. Super edgy and beautiful.  I'm a fan.

found here

Iconic Betty Boop.. Very simple and oddly classy.    

Where will your next tattoo be?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lumberjack Chic

I'm really enjoying this look; year round actually.  It's a lumberjack-90's grunge-bohemian-city weekender explosion.  As is, for spring.  For summer, I would swap out the chunky boots for a strappy, leather gladiator.  Add a pair of black leggings or jeans plus slouchy, knit sweater, and it's perfect for winter; black or grey knee high socks work for fall, along with a cropped, black leather jacket.  Plaid is relaxed and casual and you can make it pop with pristine lipstick, a high, messy bun and some bold, earthy jewelry.      The only 'resolution' I can and will commit to this year (and from here on out) is to look extremely cute every time I leave the house.  Period.

Photo Style.com

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Easy out

A black blazer and tee paired with black leggings and black boots has to be the easiest and most effortless outfit any gal can pull off.  This combo is super chic, classic and can take you from mid-afternoon to midnight and beyond.. no problem.

find these here
find this here

find these and the leopard ones here

These tees are from Brashy Couture are perfect for making a 'statement' without saying too much..

Throw on a cat eye, tons'a black mascara and some red lipstick and you're set.