Monday, December 19, 2011

Do It Yourself!

I'm definitely one of those girls who gets her nails done (almost) every week.  I like for my nails to look pretty and I'm too lazy to do them myself, so I pay for someone to do them for me.  I even like to humor myself and buy nail polish that I think is 'cute', but I know I'm never going to use nor take to the nail salon for my next manicure.  But lately, I've been getting bored with my plain polished nails and have been trying to find a solution to change things up a bit.  I started researching do-it-yourself nail options and have stumbled upon some really cool stuff.

These Kiss Nail Dress stickers can be purchased at just about any drug store and applied to your nails to enhance your plain nail polish. The design was inspired by the pearls applied to the models skin at the Chanel Spring 2012 runway show, but I think the stickers look like rain/dew drops.  Very pretty.

Getting inspired by fashion and translating that in your manicure is genius and as a fashion major, I don't know why I hadn't ever thought of it.  The blogger behind  MoveSlightly does it nicely.

cute, right?  These nails were inspired by the Stella McCartney Fall 2011 collection.

Miu Miu glitter booties inspired...

The nails were inspired by the Givenchy Resort 2012 collection and were painted by The Illustrated Nail artist Sophie Harris-Greenslade.  She's dope..

Here's another one of her gems.  I know I won't be able to create or re-create anything this elaborate, but I'm kind of excited to see what I will gain inspiration from and create for myself.

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Miss Ladyfinger

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  1. Reish, you are so fucking good at this blogging thing. Such an awesome post! I really like the idea for a burger/nail blog -- what an awesome idea, and one that I am totally gonna take a picture for while at In N Out today haha.