Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tux yeah!

I know that no one just wears a tuxedo unless it’s (a guy) to a wedding, formal event OR you happen to be the dapper darling, Janelle Monae (look her up, she’s dope).  But.. The fashionista that’s buried underneath the party monster in me wants to wear a tuxedo.  Like, real bad.  But not the traditional penguin suit everyone is used to.  I’m talking about a super girly version that will be sure to turn at least a couple of heads and render a few compliments.  And, since I’m not getting married (nope) and no one is inviting my bull-in-a-china-shop ass to any formal event, the only occasion left for this outfit, I suppose, is NYE.  I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now and I'm sure a bunch of flashy celebrities have probably done it already, but now it’s my turn.  Here’s my vision:    


First, the jacket needs to be fitted and flashy, it’s NYE for crying out loud.  And nothing says ‘flashy’ like sequins.


Next, the shirt should be a low-cut white tank (I prefer burnout over a ribbed wife beater for this look) tucked into a pair of black, fitted cigarette style pants. A satin stripe down the leg would be awesome too, wouldn’t it?


And instead of a classic bowtie, I'd go with a bowtie necklace that hangs lower and is slung somewhere near the cleavage area.


On the feet, I think a pair of suede or patent leather wedges vamp up the look quite nicely and they'll be a lot easier to walk/dance the night away in.


Diamond stud earrings and a killer clutch and you're all set to make bad decisions with good friends. *boom*

Since the tuxedo makes a statement on its own, you'd wanna keep the makeup simple; neutral eyes, black eyeliner, a shit ton of black mascara and red lipstick (duh).  If you’re too scared to do red lips, a nude, shimmery lip works as well.  Keep the hair simple too, pulled back or up into a sleek bun, like those chicks in those Robert Palmer videos.  And, let’s face it, wouldn’t it be nice to be wearing pants instead of a torn dress on that walk of shame to your house the next morning? I thought so.

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