Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cheers for the freakin' weekend

Have you seen her?  Tell me, have you seen her?!  Another one bites the dust.  I loved this phone, I truly did.  I haven't seen her since last Thursday night when I made what was supposed to be a pit stop at my job's employee appreciation party.  That stop lead to another and another and another.. with a final stop at home at 11 am the next day, sans $600 smartphone.  I still had a good time, from what I remember, so the night wasn't a total bust :)  Friday night, you'd think the loss of my precious phone would keep me home.. nope.  Met a hottie at work named 'Aristotle' (seriously) who invited my co-workers and I out for drinks.  You know I went.. and in the process was given a full bottle of Ketel One by some guy who introduced himself by saying, "I like my women like I my coffee, BLACK!" Ha ha.. what the fuck?  So Saturday night.. yess, I went out.  But, I kicked it in Wicker Park, which is what I do every Saturday night, pretty much.  None of the pretentiousness of downtown, just a bunch of people who like (actual) good music and want to keep that party going til 5 am (or later).  I enjoyed a full night of drinks and two steps with my best gal and even got an unexpected smooch session from my summer 2011 crush. (boom)  Didn't see that coming, but not mad nonetheless.  Let's hope this weekend is a mild one. I don't really know how to do that, but I'm gonna have to try.  I can't afford to lose anything else!

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